Data Collection

Flexibility to meet your data collection needs: We offer a range of Quantitative & Qualitative research services tailored to your project and budget.
Data Collection

We are one of the preferred service providers of wide range of Quantitative Research to our respected clients. We conduct a range of quantitative research services, through which an informed decision can be taken and we could obtain reliable statistical results. On the basis of your research objective & utilizing our expertise, we could help you with the most suitable approach.

  • CATI
  • CAPI
  • CAWI
  • PAPI

Frequent Research, one of the Virtual Assistant in India enables Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing. It allows you to rapidly access your customers. The Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software we use is integrated with a completely automated system. The rapid-dial feature is four times as productive as manual dialing. It will allow you to save much time and get more jobs done.

  • 50+Seats availability.
  • 100% audio recordings-ability to record all interviews.
  • Own server, robust dialer, supervisor monitoring, remote barge-in facility.
  • Our enterprise reporting system collects info real time and provides access to data analysis.
  • Our process is fully translucent and thus you stay comfortable throughout.
  • We offer services to almost all industries-healthcare, insurance, real estate, broadcasting advertising…
  • We provide CATI, CAPI, and CAWI in 30 plus different languages.
  • Our auto dialing system assures limited human errors as well as more valuable responses with recordings
  • We ensure absolute data security and confidentiality.
  • Our CATI Centre staff are multilingual, and we always allocate native speakers to projects fielded outside of English-speaking countries to ensure the utmost accuracy in our research and translation.
  • By keeping all our language and translation services, project management and quality control in-house, we are able to guarantee consistency and quality across every country involved in your study.
  • We have capabilities to dial out B2B professionals (CXO, Directors, Senior and Middle Management Staff, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers), Healthcare professionals (across all stake holders. i.e. physicians across specialties, patients, caretakers, pharmacists, nurses, etc.), IT professionals (CIO, CTO, Technology leaders, IT heads, IT Manager) and Consumers.
  • Frequent Research operate 24/7, meaning that we can connect with hard-to-reach individuals regardless of their time zone or shift pattern.
  • Frequent Research is equipped with fully trained higher end interviewers who are capable of acquiring data by conducting in-person/face to face interviews with all sector experts and respondents. Moreover, we have good field network to cover all major critical geographical locations across India and globally too.
  • The Frequent Research team can conduct face-to-face surveys in multiple languages when necessary. Either respondents choose the flag corresponding to their preferred language, or we provide minority-language-speaking interviewers.
  • We have an extensive arrangement for conducting face-to-face interviews across all global locations. At Frequent Research we take all our projects in a challenging way and assist our clients in accomplishing all their documentation as well as information needs.
  • For Face to Face interviews, Frequent Research is partnered with experienced and certified field agencies in Asia and African countries

Through CAPI method, we conduct surveys face to face by using netbooks, tablets and turn them into valuable data. Our field services teams utilize the latest tablet-based CAPI software for efficient and effective personal interviewing with instant data uploads and performance monitoring information, allowing rapid turn-around of interview data results.


PAPI, “pen and paper interview” is a data collection technique, the most conventional one: data is recorded on a paper questionnaire and subsequently entered in a database for further analysis. We have experienced interviewers who are able to properly lead the communication process and to control the interview environment.

  • Interviewing is executed using classical paper questionnaires.
  • Respondents are selected according to client’s brief, covering the representative sample of the selected target group (whole population or selected segments).
  • Experienced and well-trained interviewers carry out the interviews. Before they start to work as interviewers they pass several internal trainings proceeded in accordance with general interviewing standards and principles.
  • The quality and promptness of data collection is ensured by regular cross-check of interviewers´ work.

Our panel capability and our experience enable us to deliver hassle-free online surveys, backed up with reliable data, statistical reporting, valuable analysis and specialist consulting. If you need to understand the needs of your customers, staff or prospective clients and you want to evaluate your products and services, we can cater for all of your requirements reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Through our online panels, we delivers a valuable high-quality data to help our clients make informed business decisions. We have a very reliable partners with the help of them we can reach to any hard to reach respondents.

With the help of our advanced panel recruitment and profile categorization methods, we can offer you b2b panel, consumer panel, and specialty panels in following countries:

  • Asia: India, China, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Maldives, Nepal, Hong Kong
  • USA: North & South America
  • Middle East: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait.
  • Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Sweden.
  • North Africa: Egypt, Morocco.
Mystery Shopping

We have experience in both smaller and larger Mystery shopping surveys. Frequent Research investigators are in capacity to deliver professional, prompt and cover mystery shopping globally specially in India. The key to success is knowledge of the products, good undercover and professional organization which includes search and systematization of targets, making plan of purchases, handling obtained evidences, detailed and specific reporting to the customer.

Mystery shopping service may be delivered via:

  • Retail telephone shopping or web shopping with delivery,
  • Physical visits to the retail shops,
  • Retail and wholesale purchases through undercover entities.

As in every investigation it is very important for customer to clearly specify goals of the shopping and parameters to be checked by investigators. In such case, with help of Frequent Research investigators, mystery shopping may be powerful instrument for marketing researches and collection of intelligence.

Qualitative research is a very powerful tool in exhaustively examining an issue to its core, and uncovering underlying perceptions and rationalizations that manifest in different attitudes and behaviors. Frequent Research conducts both focus groups and in-depth interviews to this effect.

Focus groups are conducted at Frequent Research's specially designed facilities under the direction of a skillful and experienced moderator.

For a more comprehensive experience, representatives of the client are invited to watch the focus groups, as they are carried out, through a closed circuit TV system and a one-way mirror, and witness first-hand the group dynamics as the discussion unfolds. Arrangements can be made to provide our customers with simultaneous translation of the sessions to a different language.

Group interviews conducted by a trained facilitator in a specially prepared studio. The discussion usually takes 6-8 people involved, selected by a special scheme of recruitment. Studio focus usually is equipped with one-way mirror, which allows direct observation of the meeting by researchers and customers. The discussion is recorded with a video camera, so that you can then analyze all the comments and reactions of the participants.

Focus Group
In-Depth Interview

Frequent Research also offers one to one in-depth interviews. These are conducted by senior research executives of the company, who possess the knowledge and versatility to extract all essential and valuable information from a respondent. In-depth interviews can be extremely useful in product concept development as well as determining habits and attitudes of specific or hard to find target groups.

Individual in-depth interviews conducted personally by the most trained interviewer or moderator. Often used in studies of experts are to gather in-depth knowledge in the area of interest to us. Often used as an exploratory study before designing the questionnaire used in the quantitative or quantitative survey as a technique that helps understand the results of such a study.

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