Data Processing & Analysis

At Frequent Research we understand the importance of accuracy, efficiency and consistency. We offer a specialist service to companies to process and tabulate their own questionnaires or to set up bespoke databases and tables in a format which best meets their needs. All our work is guaranteed to a very high level of accuracy.

We use sophisticated software to turn data into detailed tables of results. We can provide data in hardcopy or spreadsheet, database or SPSS formats. Full breakdowns, cross-tabs, means scores and assessment of the statistical significance of data can all be provided as part of the standard service.

  • Data Preparation: Data cleaning, Data Entry, merging, and summarization
  • Data Processing and Tabulation: Our analysts are skilled in various tools like SPSS, Quantum, and Excel. We can process the market research data and handle tabulation for clients.
  • Open End Coding/Verbatim Coding: Our specialist processors are fully experienced in coding responses to open-ended questions under key headings. Verbatim comments can be included if required to add further Data Processing insight into the thinking behind the responses.
  • Statistical Analysis: Calculation of statistical error Market Segmentation, Sampling techniques, Ratio estimation, Principal Components Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Benchmarking, Perform Multi-Variate testing, Factor Analysis, Market Segmentation, AE Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, Correlation & Regression etc.

Our analysts are experienced in market research techniques and can handle your data processing and tabulation needs. Our analysts have expertise across industry-standard packages and tools such as Quantum, SPSS, Dimensions and Wincross

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