Panel Process

Panel Process

We recruit our panel members through our proprietary panel i.e. and, many from luxury and investment websites, as well as by phone, face-to-face and 3rd party verified database. We then validate our member’s identities and sanity check their self-reported income and asset figures.

We use multi-source recruitment to avoid sample bias. Our panelists are recruited via web, telephone and face-to-face which enables us to make sure that our panels are always up to date even in the hardest target groups. We gather detailed profile info about our panelists – this allows us to draw representative samples and target low penetration segments on both demographic and socio-economic variables.

While aided by technology, this validation is largely done manually and follows our strict proprietary methodology, which includes identity, address and mobile phone verifications, social media checks, home value assessments, available tax records, etc. These measures lead to the highest quality members and in turn, produce the highest quality data for your research.

  • Meetings
  • Web advertisements
  • 3rd Party Verified Database
  • Advertisements in publications and newsletters targeting healthcare professionals

Panelist personal details such as age, gender, specialty, etc., are obtained at the time of registration, and such information is updated regularly

  • Discrepancies in registration info
  • Multiple registrations of the same person
  • Registrations impersonating another person
  • Any of the following will lead to exclusion or deactivation from the panel:
  • Other inappropriate behavior

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