Research & Design

Frequent Research able to design an appropriate measurement score does not by itself provide guarantee that the respective data will automatically collected. Therefore, understanding what involves in building an appropriate questionnaire becomes important for a researchers.

Most problems in the field of marketing research are complex in the nature and require primary data collection. In such cases, a questionnaire becomes a crucial tool for collecting primary data.

We characterized the questionnaire by two main objectives:
  • It must convert the information required by researchers in a format of questions.
  • The questions must be created in a format in which respondent will understand it and be willing to answer them.

    Incomplete interviews seldom provide any useful insights and therefore the researcher must strive for reducing respondent disengagement as much as possible. A well-designed questionnaire would generally overcome the problem of disengagement.

    Frequent Research Team follows the best practices for designing the questionnaire designing:
  • Selection of interview method
  • Determination of question composition
  • Open-ended questions and Close-ended questions
  • Determination of individual question content
  • Developing question order, form and layout
  • Pilot testing the questionnaire

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